Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Service

As a homeowner, you know the value of established tree growth on your property. Not only is there an aesthetic quality about trees that lends beauty to the home, but they provide shade, habitat for nature, and value to your curb appeal. However, when your trees aren’t properly maintained, they can become unhealthy and even cause damage to your home or surrounding property. Trees that have become overgrown or ill should be trimmed back or removed. A professional tree service can help you access the health and integrity of your trees. (more…)

Reasons For Keeping Your Trees Trimmed

There are many reasons to trim trees. From promoting health and improving appearance, to encouraging fruit and flower growth, to making trees more safe, tree trimming in Dublin is vital to your tree’s welfare and growth.


Winter and early spring are the best times for tree trimming. During late fall and winter, trees go through a dormant period. Late winter, just before new growth begins, leaves wounds from trimming exposed for shorter times.Trimming during the period of halting growth and lower temperatures will promote your tree’s current health and will help to ensure future growth. Winter trimming will cause less stress on trees and frees space for new spring growth. Fresh cuts made during the dormant season are less prone to spread fungi and bacteria and they are also less likely to attract insects that may carry diseases. (more…)

How to Know When to Remove a Tree

As homeowners, we can become very attached to our trees and it can be difficult to think about losing any of them. But as a living organism, a tree will eventually decline and die. A dead or damaged tree can not only be unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. When a tree poses a risk to your family or home, it’s time to consider its removal. When a tree has become old or unsafe, its risks outweigh its benefits and removing it is the only safe alternative. (more…)

Did You Know About The Many Benefits Of Tree Cutting?

Tree cutting services in Dublin perform yearly inspections in order to ensure that they’re aesthetically appealing, healthy, thriving, and vibrant.  Although tree cutting is just one of several ways to care for and maintain their beauty, it is also vital to their longevity as well.  Consequently, a poorly cared for tree will not reach its full life expectancy, thereby creating and unsafe environment that poses a risk to you, your family, and the home you live in. (more…)

Winter Pruning for Healthier Trees

According to many tree pruning services in Dublin, the best time of the year to prune your trees is during the latter stages of winter while they are still dormant.  This is when their energy consumption, sap production, and vascular activity have significantly slowed down.  Consequently, there is less risk of harming the tree which makes this the ideal time of year for pruning. (more…)

What do Professional Tree Care Services Entail?

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional tree care service in Dublin to care for and maintain the trees on your property.  In addition to promoting better tree health and well-being, these services ensure that your home and property is protected from costly damages while at the same time safeguarding your family, friends, and pets.  However, the choice of a tree care service typically boils down to the types of services that they have to offer commercial and residential property owners. You might need to shop and compare costs before you select the company to work with. (more…)

The Value of Professional Tree Services

There is quite possibly nothing that can establish a sense of beauty and elegance to one’s property than a variety of trees. The verdant ambience adds to the curb appeal of your home and that cannot be ignored. However, when your trees are not cared for and maintained in proper fashion, they can become a safety risk for your family, damage your home and property, and die before they have reached their life expectancy. For many of us, arborist or tree specialist at professional tree service in Dublin can provide the right care and maintenance solutions to keep our trees healthy and flourishing. (more…)

Recognizing The Benefits and Risks of Trees

For individuals who live and work in an urbanized environment, trees provide numerous health benefits.  While these benefits increase as a tree ages and grows, there are certain hazards and risks that arise during that time.  For example, the dropping of limbs and branches as well as any conflicts with the roots is likely to occur in those areas that they continue to grow in. (more…)

Ways To Avoid Tree Damage During Construction On Your Property

When you are having a home built or renovating the structure, there are probably trees nearby that construction.  Granted, those trees provide aesthetic and environmental value.  Unfortunately, they are not immune to the construction process which can prove to be deadly.  A certified and licensed arborist can help you determine which trees are worth saving and which ones should be removed for safety purposes.  Furthermore, they can also work with the construction crew to ensure the safety of those trees. (more…)

The Importance of Tree Pruning

The most common yet very important procedure performed when maintaining trees is pruning.  Although the only pruning that trees growing in our forests see is that which Mother Nature provides, the care and maintenance of trees on your property requires a higher level of attention in order to maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity.  The arborist responsible for pruning your trees has a higher understanding of tree biology.  Consequently, the improper pruning of your trees can result permanent damage and shortening of the tree’s life expectancy. You might need to call in tree trimming services in Dublin to care about the trees. (more…)

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