Frequently Asked Questions On Tree Care

There are quite a lot FAQs when it comes to taking care of your trees. With this in mind, below you will find the most common ones of them and the appropriate professional answers.

1. When should I plant the tree?

Usually autumn is the best season to plant your trees. The second best is considered to be the spring. However, you need to ensure that the tree is properly suited for growing in your climate zone and conditions. You need to contact professional consultants for any specifications surrounding the planting process.

2. When is the best time to prune the tree?

This is when the tree is actually dormant. You need to prune on occasion and on demand if the tree is out of bounds. You can also remove dead branches for safety reasons even if the tree is not dormant.

3. Why is the tree not blooming?

One of the reasons which may be causing this issue is if you are not pruning it properly. If you prune spring-blooming trees severely from the autumn to the early spring this is going to reduce the bloom. What is more, you can also check your soil in order to ensure that it’s within the proper indicators.

4. Can I Speed up the blooming?

Unfortunately, you can’t. While sometimes you can use phosphorous bloom foods, you should refrain from doing so unless it’s absolutely necessary and determined by a soil test.

5. Should I fertilize a tree which is mature?

The majority of mature trees don’t really need fertilization unless they show certain special signs of some deficiencies. If you have a fast-growing tree, you should better leave it without fertilizers. However, it is important that the arborist looks up the tree if it is weak.

6. Should I prune mature trees?

If the tree is mature and the branches are thicker, you should always have a good reason for pruning it. This is because a mature tree is going to recover slower when the cut is larger. Remember that it is always recommended that you use a specialized arborist to help you out.

7. What should I do to my trees for the winter?

You can help the tree out throughout this season by adding mulch for additional insulation as well as moisture retention. You can water them appropriately if the ground isn’t frozen and cover the trunks with a tree wrap. You can also make sure to remove the snow as well as the ice from the limbs.

8. How can I take care of trees damaged by a storm?

The first thing that you should do is to ensure that the branches are not broken or dangling. If there are some – you need to remove them. You should also note for cracks within the truck of the tree. It is good to talk with a tree care expert or an arborist.

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