Healthy Soil Means Happy Trees

In suburban Dublin, your trees are faced with a lot of competition. Grass, landscaping, a finite amount of sun and water, limited room for growth, soil nutrients — all of this presents a challenge to the plants that are vying for these limited resources.

Back before Jose Amador was granted 16,500 acres of what is now Amador Valley, this area was a natural area with a thriving food web. The soil web of life was fed by decaying leaves, fungi, and microbes. This fed insects and birds. The cycle of organic habitat was reclaimed, over and over. This created soil rich in nutrients.

But when housing moved in in the 1960s and transformed Dublin into a suburb, heavy machinery and construction practices began to dig away at the healthy layers of soil, compacting what remained for construction. Over the years, trees that have been planted continue to diminish the natural resources that healthy trees require in order to grow.

So what can be done about replenishing our soil in order to maintain happy, healthy trees? Tree service professionals in Dublin suggest a bi-annual fertilizer regime. You should always choose a fertilizer that reintroduces organic matter and microbes into the soil. Make sure your fertilizer is not too high in nitrogen. Phosphorus should be used conservatively.

The roots of trees also need air to survive, say Dublin tree service technicians. Most suburban landscapes could use periodic aeration. This should be done with care so roots are not damaged.

Organic matter is important to the health of trees and rebuilding the soil food web. When introducing organic matter, it should be done at no more than 10% of the soil volume. There are simple ways to do this. When aerating, you can blend any organic matter into your soil. Black Kow or similar products work well. Mulching around trees at a depth of 2 to 4 inches, keeping it away from the trunk 4 to 6 inches, provides organic matter. Leaving any leaves to decompose or mulching them is also a good way to reintroduce organic nutrients back into the soil.

Your goal will be to try to rebuild your soil’s natural food web by emulating what happens in nature. Contact a local tree service in Dublin for other suggestions for how to keep your soil nutrient rich for happy, healthy trees. If you are looking for a professional tree service in Dublin, look no further than ArborWorks, Inc. For 40 years, we have taken care of the health of trees in the area with professionalism and care. Call us today when you need a local tree expert.

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