Is It Best To Prune Trees When They Are Dormant?

Now, strictly speaking, the best period to prune your tree would be when they are in a dormant season. There are a lot of advantages associated with this including:

·         When pruning deciduous trees, you need to look at the structure as well as the impact of the cuts.

·         Wounds will close quickly throughout spring,the rapid growth period for trees

·         In most cases, the flow of sap from the wounds is not too much. This is particularly important with trees which bleed sap. Common examples include birches, maples and elm trees.

·         Disease transmission is known to drop throughout this particular period. This is because the disease organisms or the insects which carry them are not active at this time of the year. Now, when certain trees are being cut, they are release a chemical which is known for attracting insects which are going to that lead to spread the disease. For example oak wounds lure beetles that spread oak wilt fungus. When it comes to elm trees, for instance, wounds are known to attract bark beetles which also carry certain diseases.

·         The attacks of insects decrease because they are also dormant throughout this particular period. This is very critical when you prune a tree which is commonly infested by borers, for instance. In case, you prune when the borers are active, the tree wounds will attract them, causing more damage.

When it comes to pruning, you want to follow these tips.

Hardwood Trees: You want to prune these when it is dormant. In certain areas where the fungal oak wilt is an issue, you need to check with a local tree care company. This is going to allow you to determine the best time of pruning.

Conifers: You may prune the trees any time of the year. However, if you prune them throughout the dormant period this is going to decrease the flow of sap. If you plan to prune right before growth starts, the newly grown branches will quickly hide the cuts due to pruning.

Flower Trees:You need to prune the flowering trees in the dormant season. This is the general rule of thumb. However, there are certain exceptions for trees which flower early in the spring season such as dogwood or red bud. You want to prune this right after the flowering is through. If the trees are mature, you might want to wait until the spring season is through.

In any case, there are also certain exceptions to the rule that you need to consider. After all, every single tree and region is characteristic and you need to account for this. It’s usually advisable that you rely on the services of a certified professional in order to make sure that everything is handled perfectly. There are plenty of local arborist services and tree care services that would be able to assist you with the pruning. Additionally, they have maintenance plans and are affordable services.

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