Be On The Lookout For The Bronze Birch Borer Beetle

In drought ridden California, Dublin tree cutting experts have noticed that we have been dealing with the Bronze Birch Borer Beetle as a result of the hot, arid climate. It has been surmised that this pest has killed several thousand mature birch trees between California and Nevada. Because a tree may be infested for years without many visible symptoms, an infestation can go undetected until it is too late.

The bronze birch borer is a bronze colored beetle up to 2 inches long. To susceptible birches, it is both deadly and difficult to control. The damage is due to the larvae which interrupt the flow of sap and eventually weaken and kill the tree.

Tree cutting professionals in Dublin warn to keep watch of the general health of your trees. Borer beetles prefer to feed on trees that are already stressed by drought. Although birch trees most often thrive in areas with cool, moist soil, our drought has stressed these trees. Birches also have a shallow root system that does not thrive in hot, dry conditions. After being attacked by the borer beetle larvae over time, they will disrupt the nutrient transport, causing the roots to die. These roots then cannot supply the rest of the tree with enough water to live.

Maintenance and preventive care can help. Deep watering can help maintain soil moisture levels. Mulch can also be beneficial as it moderates moisture and temperature levels. If the infestation is caught early enough, application of insecticides that are injected into the tree’s vascular system can help control the insects already inside the tree. As prevention, a treatment of an insecticidal drench can help protect the tree. This can also be supplemented by spraying the trunk with a borer killer every few weeks.

These symptoms indicate an immediate treatment urgency:

● Dead tips on branches
● Yellowing, sparse leaves
● Dieback at the upper level of the tree
● D-shaped holes in the bark with rust colored sap
● Swelling and raised zigzagged ridges or welts indicating tunneling under the bark.

If you are noticing any of these symptoms, it is important to move quickly to save the tree.

Healthy, well maintained trees are more resistant to the borer, according to tree cutting specialists in Dublin. The females are more attracted to tree wounds so trees already under stress are more likely to be borer targets. Tree health maintenance is fundamental to help avoid infestation. When you are searching for tree cutting and maintenance professionals in the Dublin area, look to the experts at ArborWorks, Inc. We can answer any of your questions regarding the health of your birch trees or the Bronze Birch Borer Beetle.

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