Promoting Better Tree Health

While trees may be the dominant landscaping feature of your home, they must also co-exist with grasses, plants, and shrubs, all of which share a common element – the soil they are planted in.  The roots of bedding plants, grasses, shrubs, and trees compete for nutrients and water while at the same time intermingling with one another.  Even a single tree has roots that can grow well into your flower beds and lawn areas.


Consequently, any fertilizer or herbicide that is applied can affect the looks and vitality of any tree in close proximity to those chemicals.  Conversely, any chemicals that are applied to your trees such as fertilizing and pruning can also influence the looks and vitality of your flowers, grasses, and shrubs.  No matter what plant you are caring for, that care can impact every other plant on your property.


Diseases and Insects


Diseases and insects are two of the biggest threats to a tree’s overall health.  Anytime you notice anything out of the ordinary with your tree’s appearance, you should have an arborist come exam it.  They can identify any existing signs of damage and determine the cause of it.  In so doing, they will be able to recommend the proper course of action and begin treatment of the problem. The tree care services ensure that they evaluate and check your requirements before they start work. In case, where the tree is dead of requires to be removed, you might need to call in tree removal service in Dublin.




The best way to improve soil conditions and maintain moisture is by mulching.  This is one of the most beneficial things that you as a tree owner can do for its overall health.  Just keep in mind that you that the wrong type of mulching habits and materials may have a negative impact on your trees and do more harm than good.  Contacting a certified and licensed arborist will ensure that proper mulching practices are followed and that there will be no risks to the tree’s health. It is good to consider the online reviews and feedback on the company, before you work with them.


Trees and Turf


Turf grasses as well as woody plants are important elements in urban and suburban landscaping design.  They offer clearly distinct environmental, functional, and personal benefits.  However, if there are potential incompatibilities that are neglected and not addressed, these benefits may never come to pass.  Some of the more undesirable side effects that result from tree and turf conflicts include:


·         lack of growth in younger trees

·         large shade trees with thinning grass beneath them

·         mowing hindered by large tree roots

·         trunks that have been badly damaged by mowers and trimmers


Again, the best way to ensure that these tree and turf conflicts don’t arise is by calling an arborist to evaluate the situation.  Remember that regularly scheduled preventative care and maintenance is the best way to promote better health and structural integrity of your trees.This will ensure the continued growth of a tree’s value and help you avoid costly tree problems in the future.


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