Reasons For Keeping Your Trees Trimmed

There are many reasons to trim trees. From promoting health and improving appearance, to encouraging fruit and flower growth, to making trees more safe, tree trimming in Dublin is vital to your tree’s welfare and growth.


Winter and early spring are the best times for tree trimming. During late fall and winter, trees go through a dormant period. Late winter, just before new growth begins, leaves wounds from trimming exposed for shorter times.Trimming during the period of halting growth and lower temperatures will promote your tree’s current health and will help to ensure future growth. Winter trimming will cause less stress on trees and frees space for new spring growth. Fresh cuts made during the dormant season are less prone to spread fungi and bacteria and they are also less likely to attract insects that may carry diseases.


Different types of trimming have different purposes.The removal of selective weaker branches can promote better health and form by increasing sunlight to the structure. Removing lower branches will allow more clearance for streets, sidewalks, and lawns. Removing dead or diseased limbs reduces safety issues. Removing damaged or weaker limbs and branches will alleviate safety issues during periods of inclement weather. Trimming large branches at the top of a tree will reduce height but should be done properly and should only be done when absolutely necessary.


Trimming to remove dead or dying branches caused by disease or insect damage will promote long term health. But care should be taken that the remaining stubs don’t become health problems of their own. Trimming can also help to promote and maintain a tree’s health by  encouraging flower and fruit development or maintaining a landscape function by cultivating a specific shape or form. Appearance can be important in a landscape setting however over trimming can adversely affect the health of the tree.


Most tree trimming is done to protect people and their property. By removing dead branches and removing hazardous or dying trees, it reduces the possibility that people will be injured or property damaged. Branches should also be trimmed that interfere with traffic signs and signals, that obscure clear vision at intersections, or that come into contact with utility lines


Trimming large trees should be left to qualified tree professionals. Large tree trimming in Dublin can be dangerous in the hands of unskilled homeowners. A local arborist has the knowledge about tree biology and structure and are trained in the safe use of specialized tools for tree trimming. Professionals are trained to handle the tools, heights and techniques required to safely and effectively trim your large trees in order to maintain their health and beauty. Consider your personal safety and the welfare of your trees and entrust trimming your large trees to the professionals.

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