What Is An Arborist And Why Should I Hire One?

If you have a damaged or diseased tree and are considering tree removal in the Dublin area, you may want to talk to an arborist first.

A Certified Arborist is a professional who has received training and has exhibited experience and advanced knowledge in the art and science of arboriculture. An arborist specializes in the care and needs of trees and must go through rigorous training and examination in order to attain that certification.

The International Society of Arboriculture, or ISA, is an organization that certifies and promotes professional practices and raises awareness of tree health. The arborist certification program requires that an interested tree care specialist have three or more years of full time experience in arboriculture or a degree in arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, or forestry from an accredited school in order to be eligible. After the initial certification, they must do continual education to keep their knowledge updated with new information and technology.

When you are looking for a professional to give an educated opinion about your trees, hiring an arborist can be your best resource. Your arborist will be able to advise you about:

● Tree planting. Your arborist has a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to the planting of trees, considering the size, regional species requirements, and what is entailed during the early stages of the tree’s growth and development. The incorrect tree for a location can lead to problems such as inadequate growth space or poor growth, insects, or disease.
● Tree care and maintenance. Trees need maintenance and care. Your arborist will be able to advise you of preventative measures when it comes to weather, damage, disease, insect infestation, or site issues.
● Emergency tree care. Storms can cause limbs and trees to fall, at times on other trees, structures, or automobiles. Your arborist will assist with emergency tree care safely, while reducing the risk of further damage to the property.
● Tree Pruning. Trees often must be pruned for a variety of reasons, such as interference with utility lines, street obstruction, disease, damage, or other dangers.Your arborist will be knowledgeable of specific methods and techniques for correct pruning depending on the reason for the pruning. A Certified Arborist will be able to assess the condition of the tree to determine whether it requires pruning.
● Tree removal. Your arborist will rarely suggest tree removal unless as a last resort. If you are considering tree removal in the Dublin area, call us first. A knowledgeable arborist will offer alternatives to deal with trees that have sustained disease and damage before suggesting a removal.
● Other services such as value appraisal, tree risk assessment, tree health consulting, bracing, and cabling are often offered by Certified Arborists.

If you are considering hiring an arborist, check for insurance, licensing, and make sure the company has the appropriate certifications. If you are looking for tree removal in Dublin, call the certified experts at ArborWorks. We are a Diamond Certified company, and members of the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association. Let us care for your trees like the family members they are.

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