What Is Sun scald And How Can I Protect My Trees?

Quite simply, when a tree receives too much sun exposure, it risks sun scald. This is a form of what, to a human being, would be sunburn. This happens when excessive sun damages the outer layer of the tree’s leaves, stems, or trunk after a long period of exposure. Sun scald can lead to permanent damage or premature decline for a tree that has suffered it. If you are noticing fissures on your trees in Dublin, call a tree pruning specialist for a consultation.

Summer sun scald will happen when the tree becomes too hot and the cells will begin to break down. Winter sunscald can happen after a warm sun during the day is followed by a sudden temperature drop at night.

Sun scald can affect any part of the tree including the leaves, bark, or even fruit. Depending on its severity, the affected area can become damaged to the degree that it exposes the inner tissue of the tree. The tree may develop a deep crack into the cambium cell layer of the tree. This layer is responsible for the actual growing of the trunk itself. When this happens, it may be impossible for the tree to heal.

When sun scald reaches the inner tissue of a tree, the tree loses its protection against disease and decay. It provides easy access by insects, bacteria, and fungi and can cause irreparable damage, or even death.

Some trees develop sun scald when they are not appropriate for the climate and area they have been planted in. Some have just been planted incorrectly. There is not much recourse in these instances. But, otherwise, there are effective things to do to protect trees from sunscald.

Take care not to over prune your trees. Over pruning can be damaging because it exposes too much of the tree to sun for too much time during the day. Consult a Dublin tree pruning expert or arborist to appropriately prune a tree for the positioning, climate, and season for that tree in order to make sure that it is not at risk for too much exposure.

Blocking the amount of sun your tree gets is another effective way to deter sun scald. The sunlight can be blocked from certain areas of the tree using paper or material tree wrap. White paint can also be used but the paint can’t be removed and is permanent. It will make you tree less aesthetically pleasing.

If you are looking for professional tree pruning in Dublin, look no further than ArborWorks. Our team of experts are able to address all your tree needs. Call us today if you have any questions about nurturing and protecting the trees on your property.

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