Winter Pruning for Healthier Trees

According to many tree pruning services in Dublin, the best time of the year to prune your trees is during the latter stages of winter while they are still dormant.  This is when their energy consumption, sap production, and vascular activity have significantly slowed down.  Consequently, there is less risk of harming the tree which makes this the ideal time of year for pruning.


Better Tree Health and Well-Being


The best way to prevent the spread of infestation, disease, and damage to your trees is to immediately remove any branches that are dead, dying, or infected.  Furthermore, any branches that are clumped close together or those that are rubbing against each other can cause damage to the tree and should be pruned immediately.  The right tree pruning service can quickly identify those branches that could potentially harm your trees.  They have the experience and expertise as well as the proper equipment and tools to ensure that the pruning is done properly.


Hazardous Branches and Limbs


Safety is the primary reason for pruning branches and limbs during the winter.  If the angle of the tree branch narrows, it gets weaker.  Consequently, any that are hanging over your home, power lines, or vehicles can cause a great deal of damage to the structure or your property if they break and fall.  Another key safety issue is high winds.  This can weaken tree branches and limbs, eventually causing them break off.  To avoid accidents, you should have a professional tree pruning service in Dublin remove any that obscure your driveway and the entry to your home. Though some people prefer doing it on their own, experts recommend that professional tree services can do it better, faster and safely.


3 Types of Pruning to consider


While pruning trees during wintertime ensures their health, it also keeps you, your family, and your home safe from damage and harm.  But were you aware that the “tree pruning” refers to more than one type practice? There are actually three different types of pruning that most arborists and tree care specialists perform including:


·         Crown reduction – removes higher branches in order to reduce tree height.  This is recommended when branches and limbs are positioned too close to power lines and any other potentially hazardous situations.


·         Crown rising – removes low-hanging branches and limbs that are too close to your driveway, home, lawn, and sidewalk.


·         Crown thinning – removes weakened branches and thins density to improve air flow and light penetration.


These tasks are best left in the hands of professional tree pruning specialists and should not become a DIY project.  Even the most skilled DIY’er lacks the necessary experience and expertise as well as the proper tree pruning equipment and tools to do these tasks properly.  No matter what tree care and maintenance task you are thinking about, you should always rely on a professional tree care service to get the job done.


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