The ArborWorks Emergency Response Division provides immediate services for wildland fires, fire weakened timber and salvage logging operations, and power line clearance for hazards created by wildland fires. These services help to protect the public and contribute to strong relationships with the agencies that govern areas sensitive to wildland fires. Our current scope includes:

  • Wildland Fire Resource Contracting.
  • State- Wildland Fire Resource Contracting for ODF, Cal Fire, DNR.
  • Federal- Wildland Fire Resource Contracting for USFS, BLM, BIA, All Park services.

Wildland Fire Resources

  • Fire Weakened Timber Felling
  • Single Resource Fellers
  • 2-Person Felling Modules
  • Felling Boss


  • Masticators
  • Sennebogen Tree Handlers
  • Tracked Whole Tree Chippers
  • Albach Whole Tree Chipper
  • Self Loading Grapple Trucks
  • Water Trucks/Water Tenders
  • Skidsteers
  • Grapple Loaders/Excavators
  • Telescoping Grapple Saw (TGS) Trucks

Types of Contracting

  • Wildland Fire Rehabilitation
  • Wildland Fire Hazard Tree Mitigation
  • Wildland Fire Energized Power Line Mitigation
  • Fire Weakened Timber and Salvage Logging